Saturday, 24 September 2016

Red House Bexleyheath


Only 10 mins from my house is this lovely gem.
William Morris' house from 1860 to 1865.
Built out of Red brick, hence the name. 
Heavily influenced by the pre-raphaelites and arts and crafts.
A lovely couple of hours spent here with an obligatory cream tea.

I love gardens in Autumn, there is beauty in the dying plants. 
The September sun is low which gives a soft glow and softens the edges.

The ceilings were all painted by hand, and my favourite part

Venus at the end is an embroidered piece.
 She was designed by Morris, with his wife completing the embroidery. 

 My garden is still taking shape, 4 years after moving in its still in the working stages. 
I do collect plants and seeds from all the gardens I visit.
There are two major jobs to do, the grass and the shed/greenhouse.


  1. Nice architecture and lovely gardens. ---"Love"

  2. How marvellous to have such an place close by to inspire you. Gardens are a lot of work and always evolving.