Friday, 19 June 2009

In amongst the weeds

We planted a flower bed, the aim to have lots of beautiful colourful flowers, that didn't work, what we got was a bed full of stinging nettles, grass, dandelions and creeping vines!

But today we out and found this orange beauty right in the middle

I don't remember planting a bulb with this flower on its packet!

So here are my success stories, The Hydrangeas, my favourite flower and the best thing about them, I can choose its colour.


  1. Those orange lilliums can be very persistant. I once bought a packet that said 'white lilliums' but turned out to be orange, and they multiplied like crazy!

    Love the hydrangeas too.

  2. I love, love, love hydrangeas! Yours are very pretty. I try to pass off my weeds as alternative gardening. Okay, so I haven't convinced anyone of its merits yet but you never know..... Ann :)

  3. aha...a lillium you say...not that I planted any lol...Karen