Saturday, 24 September 2016

Red House Bexleyheath


Only 10 mins from my house is this lovely gem.
William Morris' house from 1860 to 1865.
Built out of Red brick, hence the name. 
Heavily influenced by the pre-raphaelites and arts and crafts.
A lovely couple of hours spent here with an obligatory cream tea.

I love gardens in Autumn, there is beauty in the dying plants. 
The September sun is low which gives a soft glow and softens the edges.

The ceilings were all painted by hand, and my favourite part

Venus at the end is an embroidered piece.
 She was designed by Morris, with his wife completing the embroidery. 

 My garden is still taking shape, 4 years after moving in its still in the working stages. 
I do collect plants and seeds from all the gardens I visit.
There are two major jobs to do, the grass and the shed/greenhouse.

Tuesday, 20 September 2016

A quilt

Aubrey finally has a quilt...its only taken .... 8 years
I'm terrible
I remember finishing the top two years ago and it has just sat there.
So one afternoon I was determined to finish it.
It took 2 hours to quilt...why I didn't do it sooner I don't know.
I do think projects seem a lot bigger in your head than they actually are. 

The only problem is its quite small on my very tall nearly 11 year old!
A request was made.
So there is a twin size crochet project on the needles for her.
Which won't take 8 years.

and how can I say no when she gives a lift to her brother, who fell in a stinging nettle patch, back to the car

Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Latest Projects

I made a small quilt for a friend who left work last week. 

I'm sure someone gave me the fabric which I used for this ... Ann?

Last December I made two blankets for my nieces using the Spice of Life pattern.

Both used the same colour yarn but placed differently.

Aubrey decided she wanted a single bed size blanket so I have started the Seaside Ripple
Its not as wonky as it looks!

I have wanted to challenge myself with crochet, it can get a bit samey, so hows this for a challenge ..Mandala Madness

There are so many different types of stitches, I'm finding the pattern difficult to follow so am relying on the video so I can understand it better. 
I just hope no-one ever counts the stitches, 
I think I have the right amount and then poof I don't anymore and I have no idea what I've done. However, crochet blankets are quite forgiving.

Friday, 1 July 2016

A year in a post

From bottom to top
(It's been far to long!)
Bath with Grandma
I drove us all to Naples, Italy
Love a bowl of muscles and noodles
Ice caves in Austria
Knole House, Seveboats
I am crochetting up a storm two blankets made for last Christmas.
Chatsworth House in a very cold December 21st, Manchester.
I've nearly completed my 2nd year of my MA Education
Still doing science experiments at school
Rachel keeps running
The boys being extras from Peaky Blinders
Paris in May - we were there when everything was closed due to flooding!
The first photo, Versaille, Connor threw up in there!

A very quick catch up from last May to this May. 

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Leeds Castle

We took the entire family to Leeds Castle for Rachel's 11th birthday ( how did she get that old!)
Definitely one of the child friendly places (although mine have a good time at all the castles) there is a huge maze, huge children's play area and ice cream.

I'm very happy with this photo  I took of walking up to the castle.

Entrance to the castle.

That is a dog collar!
It was for a hunting dog to protect its neck against wild boars, it was huge!

My family, I know my sister has her eyes closed but it was the best photo out of about a 100.

Now that's a better photo of my sisters, we ran away from the children into the maze and lost them!

My favourite room in the castle, the library about 3000 books in total.
The sofa was an amazing blue colour ( I sat on it and got told off whoops!)

Cards anyone?

One of the bedroom views.

 Four of mine, four nieces and a great niece.

I want a willow that big!

It was a lovely day out, we had an enormous picnic, the kids loved the play area and all seemed really interested in the castle and its history. As its not National Trust or English Heritage it was quite expensive to enter, but the ticket is valid for a year and with it only being 1/2 hour away a great place to spend the afternoon with a book, blanket and kids entertained.

The kids have suggested a star rating for each place, one for them and one for me.
Mum rating 4/5 stars ( I wanted bigger formal gardens to wander around and it to be cheaper to enter)
Children rating 5/5 stars ( The play area being the deciding factor and mums carrot cake!)