Friday, 30 April 2010

April Blocks

Here are my blocks for the April winners, hopefully they will not be thwarted by volcanoes, sunny beaches or get eaten by rabid dogs and arrive in plenty of time.

Have been very busy this last week, more sewing the lovely Laura ( I promise to take the camera on Tuesday for photos of our project) I went to see Macbeth at the Globe Theatre, absolutely brilliant, lots of blood, violence and freaky witches! I cleaned out my car which if you ever seen my car you would give me a huge pat on the back for doing, think four untidy children, food and art work!
I had two dinner parties, one vegetarian which Ive never done before, and both went well, recipes to follow.

Now I must finish packing as the kids and I are off to Richmond in London for the bank holiday weekend. We are off to Kew gardens, museums and looking forward to Ping Pong


  1. You've been busy, and it seems like you have a busy weekend planned as well. Enjoy!

    Your blocks are lovely - I love the soft colours. They'll get here when they get here :)


  2. Love the fabrics in your blocks, especially those beautiful flowers! I remember those days with kids, food, toys, dog and lots of other stuff in the car! I always figured you could appreciate it more when it was clean if it was really messy to start with! When my kids were small I would clean up a room and find myself going back to look at it, it was so nice, until everyone else got home. Your travel schedule sounds busy and sooooo much fun. Be sure to post pictures for us!

  3. Pretty blocks! I love Kew Gardens, the glass houses are wonderful.

  4. Certainly all education does not occur in a classroom setting! I'm so glad your children are having wonderful experiences and getting introduced to some of the really finer things of life like music, art, and theater. So many never have those opportunities! ---"Love"

  5. Your blocks are so pretty, love the soft colors.
    I remember cleaning out the car when my girls were little. (Did you find lots of gross food items?) Sending you a pat on the back.
    Have fun on your holiday.

  6. Oh those blocks are beautiful!!! :) Christine