Thursday, 3 March 2011

Tie Dye

Last week was half term and we made tie-dye bags for our holiday in August. 
They were supposed to be bigger but during the process the fabric shrank a lot.!
They are perfect size for a towel and sunglasses.
I still have to put handles on but am waiting for an Ebay delivery 
and some hand embellishments with buttons and threads.
I have lots of fabric left over so was thinking of small zippered bags for those valuables you have as an 8 year old.

I haven't tie-dyed since I was a teenager when I tie-dyed my entire room and freaked my mum out. 
I did everything curtains, rug, bedding all in one afternoon when she was at work
.....and it was all black and purple....


  1. Oh, love those little bags! The dinosaur appliques are inspired! Bet they would come out really well using batiks. The kids look thrilled. Great work!


  2. Though you say that shrunk, I think the bags look like a perfect size for those kids. They'll be so proud to tote those around when they're finished. I can only imagine your mom's reaction to an entirely tie-dyed room! If I'd thought of it, I might have done the same - my pink gingham bedroom was about enough to make anyone vomit, but my mom was proud of her work!

  3. Fantastic bags - I knew you had a lot of children but......have they been multiplying?!
    I wouldn't have dared tho' I wish I had been the sort of teenager who would have! Juliex

  4. Those bags look perfect for holding allsorts of things. I hope you didn't tell them about the tie-dye of your room? You might find a surprise at your house. Bet it was awesome.

  5. That was a great idea, bet they are thrilled with what they created. I love their designs. Looks like everyone had lots of fun!

  6. I love the bags, and the kids seems thrilled. I don't suppose you have photos of your tie-dyed room to share? :)

  7. I love tie dyeing stuff!! Looks like you all had a blast;) I could just imagine your room, and the look on your mom's face;)
    Happy Quilting!!

  8. Tie dying is timeless, and so much fun! The bags look great. :-)

  9. Looks like you all had a ball. Peace Out!