Monday, 29 May 2017

Baby blanket and #13 read 10 classics

Finished a baby blanket last week and gifted at the baby shower.
The recipient didn't know whether she was having a boy or girl so I mixed up the colours.

I didn't have time to block so looks slightly wonky!
Gave instructions for the first wash though.

#13 read 10 classics

I had planned to read 1 a month then leave 3 months for Ulysses
I've read three so far!
So 3 behind!

Mrs Dalloway - Virginia Woolf
it was ok, not my favourite Woolf

The Woman in White
Really enjoyed this one, it took a few goes to get into the flow of language 
but one Sunday morning
 -and three coffees - I couldn't put it down and finished it.

Northanger Abbey
again not my favourite Austen, but readable and short.

The next few days I'll get to tick of three items...quite excited for a trip


  1. The blanket looks warm and snugly, it will be treasured. Good job on the books, keep up the motivation.

  2. Your little blanket is beautiful and will be much loved. I'm trying to read more, but not promising! ---"Love"

  3. Perfect baby blanket! The books look interesting. I've only read one Jane Austen book so maybe I'll look this one up. The Woman in White was made into a movie, which I would watch if it was available.

  4. I'm so glad you enjoyed Woman in White. It's a terrific read. I read his other novel, The Moonstone, just after Christmas. I struggled with Ulysses. Nice colour choices for the baby blanket.