Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Keeping the kids entertained

with salt dough

and help from Aunty Karen

and baths after painting.....

Salt Dough

4 cups of flour

1 cup salt

2 cups water

Put everything in bowl and stir together, mixture should be firm but not sticky,

add more flour if it is.

Pop in fridge for an hour, then play :)

We rolled out and used cookie cutters but you can make 3d shapes.

Put into oven on low (120) and cook for a couple of hours until hard.

Paint, but don't paint yourself or try to eat it!!

Then once dry paint with varnish to keep it from rotting away.


  1. Mercifully, I am past this point but your munchkins look like they enjoyed themselves.

  2. I remember my Mum making me salt dough when I was a kid! Great stuff.