Saturday, 2 January 2010


So I was thinking of doing a photo montage of stuff from the previous year for my year in review, however, as it does all too often, life has got in the way. So before its 2011 Ive decided to copy the highlights of my facebook statuses from the 2009 as my year in review.
has set herself on fire making curry
Jan 1st
children have spent all of her Christmas money in toysrus!
Jan 7th
says 'cupcake'
Jan 20th
is trying to find out who her Great Great Great Great Great Great Great Grandfather is...are you out there ?
Jan 29th
ps.i still haven't found him!
is making bread as I cant make it to the shops!
Feb 2nd
has won the battle against the sideboard
Feb 15th
has to go out and stand in the cold watching a school fun fun...darn it!
Mar 13th
just pulled out Rachel's tooth..ewwwww......
Mar 13th
is wondering how much the tooth fairy brings now?
Mar 13th
wants cake
Mar 29th
ps. that status features a lot over the year!
wonders how you get a piece of chalk out of the back doors lock?
April 8th
is making scones , 100 to be exact
April 21st
how much poo can come out of one little boy ????
May 15th
June 2nd
(wonder what I was laughing at ?)
its not a good idea to send goofy family photos to the wrong email address
June 10th
June 30th
laughs when she thinks of Anna ordering 16 Happy Meals at the drive through! July 18th
has lost the kitten
July 25th
has found the kitten, in the sofa
July 26th
is of on her holiday...see ya!!!
Aug 9th
is really tired of mind bending espressos and is really enjoying her cuppa
Aug 15th
has ditched the kids for the weekend..woohoo!
Sept 26th
if I ply Curly with wine do you think shell notice the mess?
Oct 3rd
tomorrow morning I will have 0 children, all at school!!!
Nov 3rd
heaven is toffee apple crumble
Nov 5th
is attempting to build a bookcase using a bob the builder hammer
Nov 8th
has spent the last half hour getting bread out of Connors left nostril
Nov 16th
feels like she is raising a herd of elephants, a pack of wolves and a murder of crows instead of children
Nov 25th
drove back from Leeds with a pair of wellies on the roof of the car
Dec 14th
is attempting to potty train the boys
Dec 30th
has given up potty training
Dec 31st

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  1. *giggle*!! I should do that with my Facebook status's - certainly makes an interesting read! (and I can relate to the poo one as well....)