Friday, 4 June 2010

Taking a break

Yesterday was a beautiful, clear skies, sun shining, so I took the kids (plus nieces) out for a ramble, It was only supposed to be 1 3/4 miles instead I took an unexpected detour and we walked nearer to 5. I ended up leaving my Mum and the boys at a pub with a g&t whilst the girls and I rambled or rather hiked back to get the car!

We went through fields

through the Big Woods

over stiles

through kissing gates

and marvelled at the British wildlife!
We took the Darwin Trail in Downe Valley and spied the house he lived in through the woods but couldn't find the entrance ! So that will be another adventure but maybe without the walking. The kids were very good and then slept all the way home.
Now back to studying, at least its sunny today and they can run around outside.


  1. The photos are so pretty. Looks like you took quite a hike.
    Now study hard.;)

  2. What great memories you are making with those kids! They will never forget. And what cute pictures; it's a lovely place. ---"Love"

  3. A proper English summer's day spent rambling! How idyllic! Don't you wish you could bottle them? Cheers, Ann :-)

  4. What a wonderful ramble! Sounds like a wonderful day all around. It's nice seeing the sunshine, even through photos... we've been inundated with rain for 2 weeks or more now. What happened to Spring?

    I had a wonderful trip through your photos!


  5. How cool to wander off like that;) So much better than sitting around the house;)
    Happy Quilting!!

  6. It is so pretty there. I'm sure that the kids really enoyed it and will remember your day for a long time. Connie204

  7. What a great walk. The children did really well and the views are lovely. Juliex

  8. Sounds like a great day to me! :) Theri

  9. Oh I wish we had foot paths like that here! I'd love to go a-rambling. :)

  10. Your pictures are wonderful and so are the memories for your kids! What a great day! Thanks for sharing.