Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Lots of Olympic watching = lots of hexi's sewn

I've made quite  a dent in the hexi quilt, just shows how much TV I've been watching.

Is it normal to get a teary eye when I see two amazing women get a gold? plus ones a teacher ;)
How I love the fact Rachel has got these ladies posters on her wall rather than those reality celebs...

But don't you also feel like such a couch potato watching all these sporting people!

Although I am training with Rachel for her first Triathlon in September
or rather I'm chasing her round the woods on a bike,
perfecting my drowning technique in the pool
and taking short cuts on the road race.....ha!


  1. You're not lazy, your cheering your country and teams on in their quest for gold! That's serious business! And I think it's wonderful that your daughter has true heros on her wall, not people famous for being rich. (And stupid...oh, wait, did I say that?) Good luck with the chasing, drowning and short cuts!

  2. I get a bit teary myself when seeing hard working athletes getting gold. I agree with Katie about the posters. (Love your training methods for the Triathlon).

    I also love your hexies.