Friday, 8 May 2009

Foxes like to eat shoes

Miss Aubrey was playing outside yesterday and her shoes were getting in the way, so she took then off and in true lady like fashion threw them higgledy piggledy on the grass. She forgot (or rather I forgot) to tell her to bring them in. This morning trying to get out the door for the school run 'where? Oh where are Aubrey's shoes?' In the garden off course, so outside we go to find one chewed and one missing shoe!!! I did have a quick scout around the garden but the garden backs up to a railway track so I fear it has vamoosed. So off Aub's went on the school run in socks and flip flops, we made a quick pit stop at Clark's where Aub's chose these bright red beauties.

Apparently foxes do this all the time with shoes, not that I knew that, my Dear Mum told me.

Here are some of my nine patch blocks for the sew along, although mine are larger, each square is 3.5inches. I had a huge pile of 4inch squares of fabric, all different and none really matching so I thought I know I'll make a scrappy quilt and give it to my cousin for his new second hand couch he has just bought with his new live in girlfriend :) The beige fabric I bought to make quilts for the boys which never got made and now I have changed my mind and they are having lime green and black :)

I've also had a slight panic attack this week, my Mums 60th is on the 26th and I promised a quilt. I hadn't got anything done apart from buying the fabric, gorgeous Amy Butler fabric, so Ive planned my own quilt started sewing the blocks together when I've run out of fabric. Now I'm just chewing my fingers, hoping the rest of the fabric comes in time.

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  1. Fancy foxes eating shoes. You learn something new every day. Love those red shoes! Great start on your blocks for the sew along. Nice and scrappy. Love your Amy Butler fabrics, it's going to be a really nice quilt.

    Happy Mother's Day and happy stitching...Ann :)