Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Thankyou Quilt

Doesn't it look all sweet and innocent but lurking beneath is a terrible toddler who kept throwing almighty tantrums.
But at least I could banish this uncooperative, stubborn, screaming one to the pre-school...forever!

Thank you to Marsha's psychic abilities, telling me to applique butterflies on the back. I was able to hide the worst of the puckers.

The hand sewing was a lot easier and
I was at least able to watch TV at the same time.


  1. Butterflies to cover puckers...note to self: remember that! I love the bright springy colors and the quilt turned out very well. I'm sure it will be much loved.

  2. Looks great...butterflies and all;) Is that for the teacher?
    Happy Quilting!!

  3. Glad the applique idea worked. It covers up the boo-boos and gives the back an extra special touch! This is a beautiful little quilt, the fabrics are so pretty!

  4. I too will have to remember butterflies. What a terric idea and the quilt turned out so pretty.

  5. It looks great! Worth all the tantrums... :)

  6. The quilt is adorable! Your quiltng looks really great. Hope the new needles worked better for you.

  7. I love it! My kind of colors! ---"Love"