Friday, 16 August 2013


It's been a while, apologies, life has been, well life!
School got busy and I had so much work.
Children are older and more demanding.
I'm older and can't keep up!

However it is three weeks into the summer holiday and I do believe I have caught my breath.



I have a quilt almost finished, my first of the year and its August 16th!
Yes that's four sets of toes under there!

Artful shots of the garden, trying to disguise the middle part which hasn't been tamed yet.
Think brambles, stingers and still finding rubbish!

You can see the squash next to it, for ages I thought I had two very different squashes on the same plant. Very confused at the different shape and colour, until one morning I cut the plants back and realised that the pumpkin was on an off shoot of the main plant and had got tangled up in the squash plant!


Rhubarb, which being new this year I can't cut.
But wait till next year, I'll have lots.

Cottage garden raised bed.

 Other side.

Chocolate sunflower

Cherry tomatoes, I have 9 plants and lots of tomatoes, hopefully enough to make tomato sauce.


Beans, which Aubrey planted at the end of July so a little late but the red flowers are pretty.

My crochet is rocking along.

 Rachel is competing in her triathlons, two down and two to go.
We drive to Paris at the weekend for her to take part in one there.

It has been  that busy I didn't see my good friend Ro for 6 months!
So have made up with lots of lazy days spent in the London parks.

Sleeping children on a bus home, its cute till you have to wake them up to get off!

Aubrey is still Aubrey.

Can't promise it won't be a while until I post again.
But I do read every ones blogs and love to keep up with all your quilting, crafty, baking, traveling goodyness. 



  1. It's good to hear you are doing well, and to see how the kids have grown so much! Having fun with them this summer is much more important than blogging, but do stay in the loop as often as possible. ---"Love"

  2. That's a lovely quilt in front of the fours pairs of toes. Enjoy your summer with them! Good luck to Rachel in her triathlons (I'm tired just thinking of it!)

  3. 4 Triathlons. Wow. That girl is a strongf athlete! . Aubrey is looking so much more grown up. She is just so adorable.
    Love the quilt. The colors are so awesome.
    Enjoy the rest of summer. Pop in when you can.

  4. The quilt is great. So what if it took this long to get your first finish? You have four beautiful kids, a garden and a job - the fact that you get ANYTHING done for yourself is commendable. Your garden also looks far better than mine - I had to fight the weeds to find my ripe tomatoes - good thing they're such a bright color when ripe, otherwise, they might still be out there! And triathalons for kids? I never realized there was such a thing, but that's awesome for your daughter. Good luck to her!